Wireless alarm system

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Wireless Alarm system

Experience peace of mind with the all new Venus wireless alarm system. Benefit from 4G/2G capabilities and stay connected with WhatsApp notifications to keep your loved ones informed when it matters most. Our user-friendly app is fully customizable to cater to diverse needs, whether it's for residential, agricultural, or industrial settings. Rest assured, our reliable alarm system is designed to never falter, and it seamlessly integrates with our FineTrack control room for prompt armed response, vigilant monitoring, and efficient control.

Customizable User-Friendly App

Discover the unparalleled convenience of the Venus wireless alarm system, boasting a seamlessly integrated, fully programmable app designed for effortless usability across all our products. With three customizable arm modes, tailor your alarm to your precise needs, whether it's securing outside, inside, or all areas with ease. Gain access to vital information such as signal strength and airtime when utilizing your own SIM card. Meanwhile, ensure your loved ones stay informed with WhatsApp notifications, providing peace of mind when it matters most. Venus empowers you with unprecedented control, enabling you and your family to receive instant calls upon alarm activation or panic button presses, ensuring swift response and utmost safety.

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Key Features

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Incredibly easy to install and operate 14+ days on core unit in normal mode
5 years for passives and door guards
WhatsApp / SMS up to 7 numbers
14 wireless zones for up to 28 sensors and 10 remotes Customizable zone settings for each mode of operation (Away, Stay, Off) 80 - 250 meters of range for indoor passives and door guards
Easy to programme and setup Outdoor wireless passivs available, battery life 4 years. Programmable over the air


Ideal for residential houses or individuals renting, installation has never been easier. With no wires involved, you can quickly stick your sensors up in minutes and remove them as needed.

With FineTrack, monitoring large-scale operations across many devices has never been easier. With the capability to connect up to 28 sensors on a single device, you can effectively secure your factory, farm, or storeroom, customizing the app to suit your specific needs.

Wireless Outdoor Passive

OPTEX outdoor motion sensors are seamlessly compatible with Venus. With a remarkable 4-year battery life and convenient mounting holes on the back, setup and installation become swift and effortless. With a range of customizable sensitivity, angle, and power-saving options, OPTEX delivers precisely what you need in outdoor motion sensors.

  • 50 - 250 meter range
  • 4 year battery life
  • Easy program process
  • 14 individual zone setups
  • Detection range: 12 meters
  • Detection angle: 90 degrees
  • IP55 rating
  • Made in Japan

Optex Outdoor Wireless Passive

Wired Automatic Deterant Spray

Equip your office, home, or warehouse with the state-of-the-art wired automatic gas deterrent spray for constant protection—even when you're away. Compatible with VENUS, this gas sentinel holds 420ml of Liquid Bullet, delivering a potent defense with its powerful spray nozzle and distinctive orange tint. Experience its effectiveness firsthand through the accounts of those who've encountered it—like the one detailed here.

"We experienced a break-in where the intruders entered through the roof. They severed the power cables to our cameras and to one of the two gas sentinels installed in our offices. Upon breaching the ceiling, the remaining gas sentinel activated, prompting them to hastily exit through the same route they entered. Fortunately, no stock or valuables were stolen."

  • 5 meter range
  • 420ml of Liquid Bullet
  • Wires right into dedicated output on Venus
  • Remote trigger and pulse settings
  • Count settings
  • Fills medium sized rooms

Optex Outdoor Wireless Passive

Additional products

Indoor passive

  • 80 - 250 meter range
  • 5 year battery life
  • Easy read-in program process
  • 12 individual zone setups

Outdoor passive

  • 50 meter range
  • 3 year battery life
  • Easy read-in program process
  • 12 individual zone setups

15W Siren

  • 100+ dB level
  • Easy installation

12V battery

  • 10+ day battery life (7aH - no activation)
  • Easy installation